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Chanel Camelia Launch 


This is one of Fabulation’s stand out floral & styling events. We worked directly with Chanel Singapore and Paris to design the dining room and reception area for a three day event at Alkaff Mansions for the launch of Camelia Fine Jewelry. 


The entire space was purpose-built inside the marquee at Alkaff Mansion. To give the dining room a sense of space, we created a fake wall with French arched windows and planted trees and shrubbery down the other side, to create the feeling of being inside a grand house in Europe.


An extravagant floral centrepiece ran the length of the long tables, with hundreds of floating flowers suspended above it like a chandelier which also ran the entire length of the table.


In the reception area we installed floating white flowers and stunning floral arrangements to compliment the French décor.  

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